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Electric Scooter Repair Montreal

Electric bike and scooter

of all brands.

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Welcome to Scooter City Vert in Montreal

We are specialists in electric scooters, electric bikes & triportor.

More than 200 products in our online store                                  Vogo to the online store

Our electric scooters and tricycles are equipped with batteries.

“Lead Acid (GEL)”

Our electric bikes are equipped with “Samsung Lithium-Ion” batteries.

All our products are 100% electric! No gas, insurance or driver's license

Easy to charge in any 110 volt outlet

We are the exclusive supplier of the GIO brand

to Montreal

Open since 2010

We have the best prices in town

User Reviews 4.8 ★ / 5 ★ (from 149 reviews)

Jean-Paul Bechiau

When purchasing becomes a moment of pleasure, shared between the sellers and the buyer. You want to do your part for our planet, and you want (Read more...)

David H.

I purchased a scooter and I was served by Partick and the scooter he sold helped me out and still helps me out! His service was excellent (Read more...)

Alex Slaiby

Incredible service, working in the hotel industry, I can easily tell you that Patrick and his son Niko are simply brilliant! I recommend (Read more...)

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