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Here is our 2023 Collection of Acer Electric Scooters

ACER Series 3 electric scooter - Angle - Electric scooter Montreal - Scooter Cite V

Electric scooter - Acer Series 3


Year: 2023

Colors: Matte black

Battery: 36v 7.5Ah

Range: 15-23 kilometers per charge

Power: 250w

Weight: 35lbs

Brakerear: Disc brake

Price: $799

ACER Series 5 electric scooter - Sideview - Electric scooter Montreal - Scooter Cit

Electric scooter - Acer Series 5

Year: 2023

Colors : Matte Black

Battery: 36 volts 15Ah

Range: 40-60 kilometers per recharge

Power: 350w

Weight: 41lbs

Rear brake: Disc brake

Price: $999

Electric scooters, Montreal - Acer Electric

The electric scooter is the ultimate alternative for everyone who needs a fast means of transportation to travel within their city.

They require no permitto drive, no insurance and no registration


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