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About Us born in July 2010.

You have made a wise decision by choosing Scooter Cité Vert.

Aggressive pricing and service make it a retailer of choice.

At Scooter Cité Vert

The motto of Scooter Cité Vert is very simple to offer the best quality on the market at the lowest possible price in the sale of electric scooters and to offer exceptional after-sales service for customers, reasonable price, impeccable service, tested product, free assembly, that's what you're looking for!

Scooter Cité Vert offers you

  • Sale directly to our workshop

  • Website secure for your online purchases with the Paypal service.

  • Very competitive home delivery rate adjusted for everyone.

  • Repair offered at a very low price

  • Several parts in inventory 95% of a scooter, even the frame.

  • Our electric scooters are legal for Canada (18+ with no driver's license required)

  • Every year new models always get better and better.

  • Our transparency, our explanations, man, woman, no difference.

  • Close to downtown and Atwater (5 min west of Atwater)

  • Sale of ecological products only (no gas) (no pollution)

  • We only choose the best models,and we have the exclusivity

The goal of Scooter Cité Vert is very simple, remove all forms of air pollution that are harmful to humans and change our old habits regarding our travels. Electric vehicles do not consume gasoline and do not directly emit greenhouse gases

At the beginning of Scooter city green the price of a scooter was from 599$ to 899$ (2010-11.12.13), now the products are so much more technologically advanced that the price varies from$999 to $1399 for 2017

Green city scooter and commissions on sale

The lowest rate in Canada.

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