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Terms and conditions

Sales Contract Terms and Conditions. The warranty is in the event of a manufacturing defect or component failure.

The warranty does not cover replacements or repairs that result from customer negligence, such as rain or water in the charger, heavy use, abuse, accident, dropping, etc.

Manufacturer's Warranty

1.1. Scooter Cité Vert offers a 1-year limited warranty on the frame and welding.

1.2. The warranty does not include the items below:

Tires / Puncture / Tube / Brake / Bulbs / Seat and handles / Charger and Mirror / Abnormal element wear

1.3. Limited battery warranty 180 days (6 months)

1.4. Manufacturer's limited warranty does not cover damage due to lack of maintenance, or exceeding the authorized weight

(Abuse) (Accident or fall) (Misuse) (Use in winter) (Recharge too short) (Repair improvised by the customer)

(Commercial use) (Unsuitable tools) (Scooter rental)

1.5. The warranty is not transferable.

1.6. Any improvised modifications or repairs by the buyer will automatically void the warranty.

Set apart

2.1. Scooter Cité Vert reserves the right to keep 30% of the total amount of deposits for administration costs if the customer wishes to cancel the deposits made.

2.2. Scooter Cité Vert reserves the right to keep the total amount of deposits made if payments are not made within 6 months.

Refund or exchange (Online purchase via our website)

3.1. The buyer has 7 days from the delivery date to obtain a refund or exchange of the product(s) purchased. You will be charged 30% administration fee + reshipping.IMPORTANT: No returns on used or damaged items.


4.1 A minimum of $25 to make an online purchase

4.2. Placing an order means that you accept all of our terms and conditions.

4.3. In the event of unavailability or out of stock of the items ordered. Scooter Cité Vert undertakes to deliver the items ordered within 20 days. In case of definitive unavailability of the items to order. Scooter Cité Vert undertakes to reimburse the total amount of the order.

Home delivery (In Quebec only)

5.1. Delivery for all our parts and accessories. (Visible in your cart) → (Shipping)

5.2. Delivery for electric scooters, electric bikes, tricycles. (Visible in your cart) → (Shipping) It varies between $79 to $200

Tel: (514) 932-6293 / (438) 877-2483 | E-mail

Electric scooter repair

6.1. If you have your electric scooter repaired at Scooter Cité Vert, you have 1 year maximum to recover it, if after 1 year we have not heard from you, the scooter will be sold at auction to recover the amount of costs incurred (Repair, storage, late fees)

Home travel

7.1. Home travel requires travel costs which will be billed to customers if necessary.

(Repair / inspection) depending on distance ($60 max.)

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